Me along with another six people went to jnv malappuram for our internship teacher training programme. This internship is for 40 days. Firstly i thought that how to stay 40days there, but the days passed there like an ocean wave, i felt that  has god has reduced the day duration during that 40days, that much happily i spend my days there with my lovely students of 7th B section.Students were attached to me very emotionally with me in that 40 days, i didnt even think of it but it happened in a very short span.One day i have taken my students to a field trip, i have shown them a large varieties of plants present in their campus and also i have taken them to BIOGAS PLANT present in jnv malappuram, i have explained clearly the working principle of BIOGAS plant. Really those days are very important in my life and also i got one of the best memories in my life. Im really very thankful to god to gave me such a glorious  and unforgettable memories in life.


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